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Angela Simmons' Baby Father Was Shot 13 Times On The Day Of His Death

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Angela Simmons' baby father, Sutton Tennyson, was tragically shot to death in his Atlanta driveway back in November and only now does the autopsy reveal more information on his murder. TMZ reports that Sutton was gunned down with 13 bullets resulting in his death. 

According to the publication, the bullets hit his chest, stomach, legs and arms and three of them caused major damages to his heart, piercing several chambers of the organ. Other shots pierced his lungs, stomach, and spleen while four of the bullets just simply grazed him. 

Sutton's alleged killer, Michael Williams, turned himself in after the shooting, that was said to be about money. Although Michael handed himself over to the cops, he denied that accusations that he shot and killed Sutton. 

Before the new year, Angela penned a sweet message on Instagram to her late baby father, thanking him for the best gift she's ever received. 

"As this year comes to a close ... I reflect on the most difficult hurdle I’ve ever had to face. And it’s losing my son’s father," she wrote. "To know that you are with us in spirit is sometimes just not enough. But as the new year comes in I know that I will do my best carrying Sj with your strength and mine. And now being mommy and daddy to our beautiful son. Thank you for my best gift ever."


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