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Roy Woods Dazzles With "Canadian Weed Knowledge" On How To Roll

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While many rappers enjoy indulging in their marijuana, only a select few truly possess a genuine love for the herb. Roy Woods, as his tree-evoking name might suggest, can be counted among them. Off the bat, the man's enthusiasm is infectious; he speaks about his chosen strain with the fond affection one might reserve for their own children. "Favorite strands, I love cookies," reflects Woods. "Liquid butter is one of my favorites. I love any pink obviously, pink is beautiful." Yet the man makes sure to rep his country, throwing in a special shout out to Van City's bud game.

He proceeds to dive into a tale about "poppers," promising a display of "Canadian weed knowledge." "You get a bong, and you take a piece of a cigarette and rip it off. Then you take that piece and put it on the top of the shaft, where you're going to be lighting up and pulling from," explains Roy. "You take the shaft, dab some weed, so it's more cigarette than weed, terrible. Than you hit that shit."

"The reason you call it poppers, is cause when you hit it, you gotta clear it," says Roy. "When you clear it, you gonna hear that pop, and the cigarette makes that pop sound, it goes down the shaft. It's the craziest thing in your life. It's worse than dabs." 

For more from Roy Woods, including stories of the formative smoking experiences, be sure to peep the entire installment of "How To Roll" live.


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