Pop Rock Singer Jon Collins Has a New Music Video on YouTube Reminiscent of Fall Out Boy

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Pop rock fans of Fall Out Boy are going to love Jon Collins’ new music video “[url="http://bit.ly/letlovelive"]Let Love Live[/url]”. The music video is beautifully shot and has some very powerful visuals. The song itself is an anthem about loving one another and spreading love to everyone. Accompanied by a drummer, bass guitarist, and keyboardist, the Jon Collins Band has the pop rock sound that has dominating the airwaves the past few years!

Discover more of Jon and the Jon Collins Band on [url="http://bit.ly/JonCollinsBand-TW"]Twitter[/url], on [url="http://bit.ly/JonCollinsBand-FB"]Facebook[/url] and check out his hit single “Let Love Live” on [url="http://bit.ly/JonCollinsBand-iTunes"]Itunes[/url]. Or, just visit his official website: [url="http://www.JonCollinsBand.com"]www.JonCollinsBand.com[/url].

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