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  1. Is it true you are on the city council?  🙂

  2. DudeAsInCool

    hey tiremonkey

    One can always hope he will return 🙂
  3. DudeAsInCool

    Wizards Suggestion

    I'm with you. The question is whether it will fit the upgrade.
  4. Via Imgur Dy0clgR.png 1,029×703 pixels.webloc
  5. DudeAsInCool

    What Are You Listening To?

    Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love Believe it or not, Sean Penn introduced this song to me
  6. DudeAsInCool

    The Site needs Fixed

    LOL, Undying Wizard, I am so ashamed. It will be fixed
  7. DudeAsInCool

    The Site needs Fixed

    Are you still interested :)
  8. site went to dead ...  lets bring it back

  9. DudeAsInCool

    2016 Upgrade

    Is there a program we could buy that would fix the video issues?
  10. DudeAsInCool

    2016 Upgrade

    any progress on the videos? not so sure i like this upgrade yet. what are the plusses and minuses?
  11. DudeAsInCool

    2016 Upgrade

    OK. Fyi, only old links, not the videos, are showing up in the "What Am I Listening To" Thread! Can you fix that? We are talking about hundreds of screwed up posts How do I post a video? I added a youtube link, but nothing happens on the boards