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  1. Via Imgur Dy0clgR.png 1,029×703 pixels.webloc
  2. DudeAsInCool

    What Are You Listening To?

    Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love Believe it or not, Sean Penn introduced this song to me
  3. DudeAsInCool

    The Site needs Fixed

    LOL, Undying Wizard, I am so ashamed. It will be fixed
  4. DudeAsInCool

    The Site needs Fixed

    Are you still interested :)
  5. site went to dead ...  lets bring it back

  6. DudeAsInCool

    2016 Upgrade

    Is there a program we could buy that would fix the video issues?
  7. DudeAsInCool

    2016 Upgrade

    any progress on the videos? not so sure i like this upgrade yet. what are the plusses and minuses?
  8. DudeAsInCool

    2016 Upgrade

    OK. Fyi, only old links, not the videos, are showing up in the "What Am I Listening To" Thread! Can you fix that? We are talking about hundreds of screwed up posts How do I post a video? I added a youtube link, but nothing happens on the boards
  9. DudeAsInCool

    2016 Upgrade

    No. Look at your or mine account settings at the bottom
  10. DudeAsInCool

    2016 Upgrade

    if you look at a members page, there are categories for syncing up the individual posts with twitter and facebook check out your page at the bottom
  11. DudeAsInCool

    2016 Upgrade

    How do we sync up Twitter and Facebook for our individual posts?