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  1. OJO

    Caught In The Moment

    Hi All ! Sorry for the delay ! I have moved back to Norway , so been very busy for a long time now ...Caught in the moment ..it is me speaking about myself , as it is in basicly 99.9 % of my writings .. OJO please feel free to visit my main website for all poetry and music etc... http://www.freewebs.com/ojoelektronic/
  2. OJO

    Caught In The Moment

    CAUGHT IN THE MOMENT I am a clever weaver I am a faithful believer I am a truthful deceiver Who are you what can you do can you escape woodoo I am a long distance transmitter I am a short time committer I am a creator of cosmic glitter I am a unique universal master I am a total complete disaster I am a very flexible blaster I am a single lurking predator I am a sneaking silent sedator I am a strong violent investigator I am a man nothing in between I am an invisible human born to be seen I am a builder of an everlasting dream I am a glowing immortal spider I am a serious ultimate provider I am a solid excellent divider I am a tasteful fluid of vengance I am a colorful painting of resistance I am a delightful sound of provenance I am a powerful one of a kind magician I am a stupid fool following some tradition I am a never ending story of futuristic visions I am a truly comitted sinner I am always starting as a beginner I am in the end standing as the winner I used to be a little boy I used to be filled with joy I used to be hunting a new tomorrow but now I'm caught in the moment of sorrow OJO 2008