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  1. The Hunter

    Funny pictures

  2. The Hunter

    A Place For Terrible Jokes

    Redneck walks into his bedroom with a sheep under his arm and says: 'Darling, this is the pig I have sex with when you have a headache.' His wife is lying in bed and replies: 'I think you'll find that's a sheep, you idiot.' The man says: 'I think you'll find that I wasn't talking to you.'
  3. The Hunter

    Wassup For the 2/29/08 Leap Year Weekend

    Mostly the usual crap, IE shoveling more snow, and trying to work a deal to trade my Yamaha dx21 synth for another flat top guitar. a fella cant have too many guitars.
  4. The Hunter

    Sex With Robots Coming Your Way Soon

    Sex with a robot is commonplace for most married men. LOL
  5. The Hunter

    Bar Flies

    Going by the Molson canadian bottle of the picnic table she is likely a drunk canuck.
  6. The Hunter

    Wassup For The 12/13/07 Weekend?

    Just sitting around waiting to get our asses kicked by another storm.
  7. The Hunter

    Canadian Police Tolerates Piracy For Personal Use

    Now if they would take the same stand on personal use of some other things. :rolleyes:
  8. The Hunter

    Hunter recovering after being shot by dog

    Nope it wasnt me, Im just not around as much these days. I have a new lease on life. LOL :rolleyes:
  9. The Hunter

    Learn Out Loud - Free Educational Audios and Videos

    It would be handy for many people I know, thanks a lot.
  10. The Hunter


    Happy Birthday my friend, and dont do like me and listen to so much metal, you end up deaf as a post.
  11. The Hunter

    Wassup For the 10/12/07 Weekend

    Trying to get the bloody wired router to work. *$*#$%
  12. The Hunter

    50 Greatest Drummers Of All Time

    LOL, I mean my spelling.
  13. The Hunter

    50 Greatest Drummers Of All Time

    What about Gene Krupa? Spelling?
  14. The Hunter


    A quick search on Ares turned up a lot of songs. In the mood is a great one with a big band sound.
  15. The Hunter


    Setzer is a real showman, and probably best remembered from when he played with the stray cats. His newer music has a lot of old rockabilly, with a smattering of big band thrown in.