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  1. treveinta

    Word association game

  2. treveinta

    What Are You Listening To?

    'Stepfather Factory' by El-P
  3. treveinta

    C for Cookie

    Haha, that's good.!
  4. treveinta

    Guess who's bizzack!

    Word, I'm back in the USA after spending the list 4 1/2 months in the sand box... what have i missed?
  5. treveinta

    Boobies I do HeArT

    I love small boobies, you know, just a handful = ) T.
  6. treveinta

    What Are You Listening To?

    Sage Fancis - A Healthy Distrust (whole album) - w00t!
  7. treveinta

    How gay are you?

  8. treveinta

    You'd think someone from Kraft would notice

    that's not gay, if it was a rooster then it would be gay $0.02 Sir Niko The Lazy
  9. treveinta

    Word association game

    bearded clam
  10. treveinta

    Word association game

    WTF mate?
  11. treveinta

    The Big Road Trip

    dude, if i had of been paying attn. we coulda partied in Seattle....
  12. treveinta

    Word association game

  13. treveinta

    Anyone here have an esuvee?

    I hate SUV's with a passion!