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  1. Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture: Prologue of the Day: Ahead of the release of Alien: Covenant, here's a new prologue showing what happened to Elizabeth and David after the end of Prometheus (via /Film): Alternate Ending of the Day: How might Star Wars: The Force Awakens have ended more happily? The Unusual Suspect presents a clever mashup with Raiders of the Lost Ark footage: Cosplay of the Day: Speaking of Star Wars, awesome Star Wars Celebration cosplay is still coming in, like this trio as high school versions of Han, Leia and Luke doing the Breakfast Club dance (via Fashionably Geek): Prank of the Day: Also from Star... Read More View the full article
  2. Cars and Cars 2 are Pixar's least acclaimed movies, and they're also among their lowest in terms of box office gross. But they apparently do very well in merchandising, so the studio wants to keep them going. The good thing for us is they're also still trying to make them good enough to meet critics' favor and also do well in theatrical release. That's why the Cars 3 marketing has been interesting to watch. Disney debuted the first full trailer for the animated sequel today, and it's filled with a lot more emotional character-driven weight than broad and goofy comedy we'd expect to appeal to the series' established fanbase. Previous spots have teased a potentially darker movie yet one that also targets the NASCAR crowd... Read More View the full article
  3. Out now, stream Young M.A.'s new 7-track EP "Herstory." the full article
  4. Hollywood is doing its best to figure out virtual reality, often with less than compelling results. But a small group of VR producers at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival have successfully innovated their way through experimental territory that big studios have not yet dared to tread, using physical objects and even live actors in their experiences. SEE ALSO: SpaceVR, SpaceX to launch VR camera into space, bringing the astronaut experience to all Let's start with the very cool and end with the absolutely mind-blowing. Blackout is an attempt to give all big city commuters the super powers they've always wanted: the power to read the minds of your fellow riders. Using gaze-based tracking, the experience allows you to walk through the subway car and, when you stop and stare at a particular person (a real person who has been captured volumetrically), that person's inner monologue begins playing in your ears, delivering a kind of telepathic eavesdropping effect. Read more... More about Tribeca Film Festival, Virtual Reality, Vr, and EntertainmentView the full article
  5. According to Wale, "Shine" is dropping this Friday or so he hopes. the full article
  6. We often like to cast criminals as dumb, but one illegal operation has really impressed a judge. 20-year-old Brodie Gary Satterley from Maroochydore, Australia, was sentenced to three years' jail with immediate parole, and was also praised for his business skills in court, according to Sunshine Coast Daily. SEE ALSO: Chinese 'Breaking Bad' professor cooked 425 lbs of methylone after realising there was heavy demand Brisbane Supreme Court heard Satterley — who was 18 when he engaged in low-level drug dealing — charged interest on debts, gave price guides on product, discounts, and refunds when there were complaints. Read more... More about Judge, Business, Crime, Drugs, and WatercoolerView the full article
  7. Think you've heard enough of James Blunt's 2004 hit "You're Beautiful"? Fair enough, it's highly annoying. But if self-effacing tweets are anything to go by, nobody is more sick of the song than James Blunt himself. So when the British pop artist sat down with Australian comedian Tom Gleeson for an intentionally cringey interview segment on The Weekly called "Hard Chat," he gave as well as he got. And he got a lot of mocking. SEE ALSO: PSA: Australia is only dangerous 'if you're a dumbass' The resulting interview is peppered with p*ss-taking, and even Gleeson struggles to keep it completely together as Blunt tears his own career to shreds, and proclaims himself a musical genius in equal measure. Read more... More about Australia, The Weekly, Hard Chat, Interview, and Tom Gleeson View the full article
  8. Eli Sostre returns to the scene with the new single "Let It Go." the full article
  9. Seen a space alien lately? Maybe you should tell Donald Trump about it. On Wednesday, his administration unveiled the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office, or VOICE, which gave out a hotline number for those impacted by "criminal aliens." (Back to that in a second.) SEE ALSO: Twitter celebrates Trump's first 100 days with the savage burns you'd expect Seeing as resources are already available for victims of crime, it seems odd to offer them specifically for victims of crimes by immigrants. As the editorial board of USA TODAY noted, "this country doesn’t create separate programs for victims of crimes by Jews or Catholics or African Americans or Asians or juveniles." Read more... More about Aliens, Immigration, Donald Trump, and Social MediaView the full article
  10. Everfi Inc. has raised $190 million in Series D funding to teach students online the life skills and touchy subject matter that they never learned in school. A sampling of courses offered by Everfi range from “Harassment Prevention Training” for the workforce, to “Alcohol EDU” for college students and “Vault Understanding Money” for fourth-, fifth- and… Read More View the full article
  11. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (of the Bad Seeds and Grinderman) have a robust history of putting their music to film, and they’ve added to that repertoire with yet another film score. The pair have composed the soundtrack for the forthcoming Netflix film, War Machine, a representative for the artists confirmed to Pitchfork. Watch the film’s trailer below. Directed by David Michod, the film is the story of the rise and fall of a U.S. general. It’s based on Michael Hastings’ 2012 book The Operators, and it stars Brad Pitt, Topher Grace, Emory Cohen, Tilda Swinton, Anthony Michael Hall, and Ben Kingsley. It debuts May 26. In 2016, Cave and Ellis scored the film Hell or High Water. They also previously composed the scores for 2015’s Far From Men and 2009’s The Road, both starring Viggo Mortensen. View the full article
  12. Hollywood likes to encourage people to dream big. Sometimes, however, those dreams are a little too big. Or, rather, they're a little to technologically complex. That's the realization that hit James Cameron when he first tried to make Avatar back in 1996 only to hit a technological roadblock that would take over a decade to overcome. A similar fate befell Gemini Man, a script Goosebumps screenwriter Darren Lemke wrote for Disney way back in 1997. Lemke's original idea was about an aging assassin at the tail end of his career who finds himself having to survive an attack from his own clone that happens to be 25 years younger. There was talk of possibly just casting two different people to play the same actor at different ages (something Looper eventually would... Read More View the full article
  13. The town of Salem, Massachusetts is infamous for spooky happenings, so when the mayor shares a creepy photo of a face hidden in a lamppost, people are going to take note. Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll tweeted out an eerie photo of a lamppost on Wednesday that appeared to have a ghostly face trapped inside. SEE ALSO: A 'ghost' showed up in this girl's selfie and we're thoroughly spooked Anybody else see a face in this light?...Totally eerie, eh — Kim Driscoll (@MayorDriscoll) April 26, 2017 @MayorDriscoll It's there. And you're in Salem. Nuff said. — kimberley mckinnon (@kimbelaya) April 26, 2017 Read more... More about Creepy, Twitter Reactions, Viral, Watercooler, and Watercooler View the full article
  14. You're in your bedroom, about to do something private. First, make sure you shut the door, close the blinds, oh, and remember to turn off your newly purchased Amazon Echo Look. SEE ALSO: These adorable teddy bears were reportedly hacked to expose 2 million messages A video camera peering into a bedroom is typically associated with the opening of a horror flick, not the latest cheery announcement from your friendly $300 billion mega corporation. That all changed Wednesday when the Seattle-based online retail giant unveiled the Echo Look. What is the Look? Superficially, it's a $200 cloud-connected camera that ties in with Amazon's voice assistant Alexa. However, the Look's unique features suggest that the tool could be even more problematic than your standard poorly secured wireless webcam. Read more... More about Shopping, Data Privacy, Echo Look, Amazon Echo, and AmazonView the full article
  15. Even lizards need life guards, sometimes. Dale Hall, alongside his nephews Jayden and Caleb, came to the rescue of one blue-tongue lizard that was found lifeless in his salt water swimming pool in Caloundra, Australia, on Tuesday. How? Just some old fashioned CPR. SEE ALSO: We can't stop watching this flippin' dog video "I was like, 'Oh no. Goner. First casualty for the pool,'" Hall told ABC News. The lizard (later named Dusty) was fetched out of the pool by Jayden, who began to apply CPR with the help of Caleb. While there was water coming out of Dusty's mouth, it still remained lifeless. After 10 to 15 minutes, the lizard was given to Hall, who had already dug a hole to bury it. Read more... More about Animals, Lizards, Lizard, Australia, and Watercooler View the full article