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  2. Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture: Easter Eggs of the Day: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald topped the box office over the weekend. Meanwhile, Mr. Sunday movies compiled a list of all its Easter eggs and Wizarding World connections: Franchise Recap of the Day: With Creed II coming out this week, MovieClips highlights the Rocky and Creed franchise up to the new sequel: Filmmaking Lesson of the Day: The latest video essay tutorial from Studio Binder explains the usefulness of the rack focus shot, featuring one from Casino Royale as an example: Supercut of the Day: Eclectic Method compiled all the best insult lines from movies and turned it into a dance mix in this NSFW... Read More View the full article
  3. Anderson .Paak is finally getting the respect he deserves. After dropping absolutely immaculate projects such as Malibu and the joint album with Knxwledge Yes Lawd!, .Paak has reached the summit with Oxnard. Dr. Dre getting behind the raspy crooner and rapper helped elevate him to a commercially viable status, and Oxnard is being played from the valleys of Los Angeles to the snow-covered streets of New York. The album is a cool mix of funk, soul, R&B, and hip-hop, and Dre's guiding influence can be easily discerned by those who are used to .Paak's vintage sound. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for FYF Paak will be sitting down with TIDAL's Elliot Wilson for an episode of CRWN on Monday night. TIDAL will exclusively stream the conversation where Anderson .Paak will discuss the path leading up to the release of his 14-track project named after his hometown Oxnard, past projects, what’s to come for the future, and more. .Paak's home county, Ventura, has recently been hit by devastating fires and a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks that left 12 dead. He will undoubtedly touch down on the tragedies that have gone down in his city. Starting at 7pm PT/10pm ET, you can watch the interview. You can live stream the interview on View the full article
  4. Alice Lloyd George Contributor Alice Lloyd George is an investor at RRE Ventures and the host of Flux, a series of podcast conversations with leaders in frontier technology. More posts by this contributor Thomas Reardon and CTRL-Labs are building an API for the brain Solving the mystery of sleep Last week Sketchfab, the 3D content hub, shared an exciting milestone — the company has just crossed 1 billion cumulative pageviews. Taken with the community’s growth — they just surpassed 2 million users, as well as the 200 million people that have experienced content via Sketchfab more broadly, this makes it one of the platforms with the largest reaches for interactive 3D content on the web. With Google’s Poly turning one and Microsoft’s Remix 3D turning two, it’s an interesting moment to reflect where we are in the trajectory of the 3D web. Alban Denoyel, the CEO of Sketchfab has watched the industry and community evolve in the six years since he founded the company. In an interview for Flu I sat with Alban and we got into the history of the business and how he’s built a team between Europe and the U.S., what the company has learned from Youtube and why they are pursuing a distributed content strategy. Alban also shared details on how power creators are using the platform to monetize content, the powerful role 3D plays in cultural heritage, and the importance of figuring out standards and formats in 3D. An excerpt of the conversation can be found below and the full transcript is on Medium. AMLG: Our guest today is Alban Denoyel. He is the founder and CEO of Sketchfab a hub for 3D content on the internet. The company was founded in 2012 and is based between New York and Paris. I haven’t caught up with you for some time, it’s great to see you again. I believe you had a baby girl in the last few months? AD: Three months ago. AMLG: Congratulations. Maybe we can start with a bit your history, how you got into graphics, came over from France for Techstars and the origins of the company. AD: Sure. We started the company back in 2012 in Paris. I actually had a business background so for the first two years of the company I was the only non-developer in the team. I do sculpture as a hobby and was commissioned to make a large piece. I was trying to figure out what was the most efficient way to make it. That’s how I heard about 3D printing. Back in 2011 in France it was very new. I found it fascinating and was telling everybody about it — “3D printing, that’s the future if you haven’t heard about it.” AMLG: Clay sculptures? AD: Initially wood sculpture, then for this piece it had to be clay because it was too big for wood and I had to do a mould. A lot of that would have been easier if I had known about 3D scanning and all that stuff. Then in 2012, I left my job because I wanted to start a company. I was trying to meet as many people as possible. I went to a party where I was preaching the 3D printing gospel again. Someone told me, hey you should go talk to this guy back there he’s a 3D guy. So I went to Cedric who is now my co-founder and CTO. He had never heard about 3D printing. But he told me, “I’ve been working on this prototype around 3D. If you are interested I’d be happy to talk more. Let’s have lunch.” So we agreed to have lunch the next day. Then he showed me what was essentially the first web-based 3D player to have ever been built. He had been a 3D programmer in the video game industry for 15 years and was hired by Mozilla to make the first demo of WebGL for the launch of Firefox 4 back in 2011. He built the first WebGL framework — so WebGL is now standard but wasn’t standard back then to display 3D graphics in the browser. He showed me the prototype which was really just an upload button, you uploaded a 3D file and got back a URL and saw the 3D file in your web page. No user interface, no nothing. AMLG: So he had built the core idea already a bit, tinkered with it. AD: Yeah. He kind of built it as a tool for himself. He was working with 3D artists in the gaming industry and they were sharing screenshots of their work, which sucked. He said hey maybe I can find something better. So he built it for himself and had told nobody about it. AMLG: Did you convince him to leave his job? Sketchfab co-founders Alban Denoyel, Cédric Pinson and Pierre-Antoine PassetAD: He had already moved to full-time freelancing around WebGL. He was super happy as a freelancer, he had no intention to build a business. And I initially had no sense as to whether this would be a sustainable idea. So I just started helping out on the side. It immediately took off because we were the first platform to do that. Then our third co-founder Pierre-Antoine joined us a few months after. We quickly realized we’re the first mover in the space. And that if we wanted to reach our ambitions and find funding and get partnerships with the big tech guys we had to move to the U.S. fast. If you look at other media platforms — we had DailyMotion for video in France, we had Deezer for music. They both got doubled by U.S. companies because it was harder back then to move to the U.S. So very early on I started applying to the U.S. accelerators. We first got into Web Forward which was Mozilla’s accelerator, so we spent Q4 of 2012 in San Francisco and then back to Paris. We knew we had to go back to the U.S. as fast as possible and we applied and got into TechStars New York in spring 2013. So that’s how we came back. AMLG: Ok. So to get into what is Sketchfab—it’s essentially a platform for creators to publish and users to consume 3D content. There’s an embeddable player that displays 3D content across the web. So much of the 3D landscape has changed in the six years since you started the company. What is the biggest difference now? AD: There’s been shifts on the two sides of the platform, both creation and consumption. When we started there were only professional people creating 3D content. You needed advanced professional tools like 3ds Max or SolidWorks and AutoCAD. The crowd of people who could become Sketchfab users was limited to 20 million or so 3D professionals. Then on the consumption side, there was no VR or AR. 3D printing was very early and there were fewer ways to consume the content. Six years later — the iPhone 10 has a depth sensor, which means you can do 3D capture on the spot. That means that anyone with a smartphone will become a 3D creator moving our target user base from 20 million to 2 billion people. Then on the consumption side, 3D used to be meant only for background work, back office stuff like manufacturing. A lot of ads are done with 3D assets but the result is 2D and its the same for movies. Whereas today you can consume stuff that is made in 3D in a 3D form which is VR or AR. So the appetite for 3D content is exploding and there are more and more ways to use and leverage that content. So it’s become increasingly important to be able to share and find that content. The evolution of captureAMLG: When it comes to those two sides of the marketplace it feels like on the consumption side we’re at this turning point with VRAR, that we’re about to have all these different ways to consume. But the creation side still feels like a bottleneck. I mean I’m trying to learn Unity so maybe that’s my own personal struggle. But when we talk about how creation has evolved, we started with cave paintings and then went to regular paintings, then photography, then video, and now we’re going to 3D. We’re starting to learn how to capture in 3D. You mentioned Intel RealSense. Obviously, there was a lot of excitement with Google Project Tango — RIP. I still have my Lenovo Phab. I was very excited to get it, it took such a long time to come. But I was hoping we’d see more uptick in capture and content growth from that. My understanding is that the Tango team rolled into AR Core anyway so that’s been a positive. That’s capture. There’s also Tiltbrush and other tools for creating. But overall, is there still a bottleneck? AD: It’s definitely true that for the average person there aren’t a lot of seamless ways to create content. But the thing is you don’t need a crazy depth sensor to make 3D capture. Most of our 3D captures on Sketchfab are coming from photogrammetry. It’s an older technique stitching a ton of images together. The downside is that it’s much less seamless than depth sensors because you have to take a lot of pictures. But the upside is that the result looks nicer because the tech is more evolved. I would say about half of our uploads are coming from 3D capture. More and more is coming from drones. We see new use cases for 3D captures every day, we see new solutions coming to market every day. I guess for the outside world it may seem like a bottleneck. But for us, because we have become the go-to place to publish that content, we see a lot of volume. AMLG: In various talks you’ve said that 3D is eating the world. I think that’s true it’s just, along what timeframe? Is it nibbling, is it taking a large chomp, where are we in that… What do you think will be different about 3D and where are we in format standardization? AD: It’s important to make a differentiation between the formats and the platform to host it. There’s been a lot of technical discussions around which 3D format should be the holy grail of 3D formats. It’s an ecosystem that is much more fragmented than sound or video. But even if we do get to an agreement around the best 3D format you still need a platform to host it, publish it, share it, embed it, display it. That’s where we come in and where YouTube comes in for video. Today you can display a video on a web page without Youtube. It’s part of any normal html5 markup. We’re going to get to the same state for the 3D world. ughAMLG: I remember the days of “please make sure you’ve downloaded Adobe Flash plugin” — like, what. AD: Yeah so Youtube made it easy and then reached critical mass, and at that point there was no reason not to use Youtube because it made it easier. That’s what we want to do. AMLG: And you’ve done that with the embedded API right? You have that built-in capability now, to view Sketchfab content across the web? Through your partnerships. AD: Yes. We’ve spent a lot of energy on that. The main difference when it comes to consuming the format is it’s a very different medium. Even if now we’re able to support many volumetric movies which are closer to what a video is, a lot of the content is more like objects or scenes. And while a lot of it makes sense to be consumed as is, there are a number of assets that make more sense combined or reused in a different context. So maybe it’s just because the Web part of the ecosystem is too early to do this efficiently. But what we’ve come to realize is that while YouTube is fully optimized for content being consumed within the Youtube player, we’re just starting to see that there is more value in letting the content go, letting it leave the Sketchfab player to be reused in different contexts. AMLG: So it’s distributed consumption rather than a destination. AD: Exactly. AMLG: Which is why it’s such a feat. I saw pinned to the top of your Twitter that “it took six years but I’m proud to say we’ve been able to partner with Google Apple Facebook Amazon and Microsoft.” Slow but steady. I can’t imagine what kind of work that took. I guess it comes back to what you were saying with WebGL. Curious to get into that — it’s really the first web standard that allows you to display 3D graphics in a browser without a plugin. Mozilla has been driving that and you have DNA from Mozilla in your team. What is it about Mozilla? I mean they’re a free open source browser, but why are they such a critical role in this ecosystem? They seem very forward thinking. AD: They’ve always been pushing for content openness and distribution. A lot of previous formats were quickly grabbed by large tech companies and then locked into proprietary formats like Flash. So they felt this shouldn’t happen for the 3D world. What’s interesting is that they pioneered WebGL back in 2011 2012 and they did it again with WebVR WebAR webXR. They were actually the first browser — Firefox — to launch with built-in WebVR support out of the box a few months ago, ahead of Google and any other browser which is impressive. AMLG: So how does this all relate to WebVR? AD: Well VR is just another screen, another way to consume the content. We are the repository and then you can consume it on mobile on desktop in VR in AR. What I like about WebVR is that instead of having people needing to go to one of the VR destination sites like the Oculus store or the Steam platform — people don’t have the habit to do that. We’ve been betting heavily on the concept of embedding content anywhere on the Web. Our content is traveling across e-commerce websites, news sites and so on. Then you run into the Sketchfab player wherever you are — in your Facebook feed, in a tweet. You can consume it the way you want. If you have your VR headset plugged in you can just jump into it in VR without having to worry about anything else. AMLG: So it’s hardware agnostic right? And the API works for this. That API essentially gives developers access to your 150,000 3D models? AD: So WebVR lets you consume our entire library of 3 million plus assets straight from our player. Our player is VR enabled for the web. And then our download API is a pipeline to get the content outside of our player to be used natively inside any other — well it can then re-end into WebVR but in another platform — AMLG: I may have to draw a diagram for listeners. But what you’re saying is you’ve made it really easy for people to access. AD: Yeah to search — the concept is a search bar for the 3D world. Just like when you are in Photoshop or even Google Slides, if you want to get content, they have integrations with guys like Shutterstock or Getty or Fotolia . It’s just a library of 2D stuff. We want to do the same thing for the 3D world. November 13th 2018 announcementAMLG: To get into the numbers and give listeners a sense, as of July you have a community of over a million and a half users who’ve published close to 3 million 3D models, which I believe makes Sketchfab the largest library of 3D volumetric content online? AD: We’re close to 2 million users now and we just passed 3 million assets. AMLG: Can you get into uniques per month — you said a few months ago maybe five million. I’m guessing it’s somewhere near 10 million now? AD: Yeah we’re in between that. AMLG: OK. I want to get a bit more concrete around the types of content. Initially you were targeting 3D artists, animation, gaming studios — it seems like over time use cases and content types are much broader than you thought? AD: We’ve had this kind of tension, in terms of market and even in terms of co-founders. I wanted to get traction and critical mass and volume and go for like Youtube model. My co-founders were more like, we need to serve the artists and make a solution for the best content, and having the best content will reflect positively on our platform. So do we go after less great content? We quickly became the market leader and so we decided we might as well go for every type of 3D content. So today we managed to grab the high end of the market. If you go to Sketchfab, the curated part is really high-end stuff that takes a month or six months to build. Then we have the long tail of things that are drawn by kids in Tiltbrush or 3D capture. Like I make portraits of my son, it’s not great content but it’s great content for me. It seems like shoes come up a lot. I saw your Balenciaga partnership for their trainers, it’s high-quality stuff. You’re into shoes and have uploaded shoes. What is it with 3D shoes and e-commerce, and when is e-commerce 3D going to start penetrating for the average person? Brands Sketchfab has worked withAD: It always sounded crazy to me that when you buy your product you go to the product page and then you have 10 pictures of 10 angles of the product. We can do better than that. Then, of course, you think about AR and VR and the day that we will have Apple AR glasses on our head. Every brand will need a virtual version of their products. The good news is that most brands manufacture physical products, and they start with a 3D design because they need to manufacture it. So a lot of them already have 3D files of what they sell. But most of this content doesn’t look good and isn’t meant to be consumed that way. Sketchfab collaboration with BalenciagaWe want to help 3D get into e-commerce and we’re starting with verticals where 3D is the most relevant and already present and accessible. Those categories are typically things like furniture. We work with brands like Shoes is an area where 3D is very present in innovation, just to design a shoe, and it’s also easy to 3D scan a shoe and has a great result. Often we combine both. I guess I also have a bias because I’m a shoe person — AMLG: A sneakerhead. AD: Yeah. I really want to get all the, well we actually already work with Adidas, Nike, New Balance and Crocs — I want to work with the shoe brands. It also seems like the type of product like you care more about seeing in 3D than a T-shirt. It’s more expensive. And then there are so many differences from one shoe to another. So many components and technical features. AMLG: Do you think any businesses are proving out an ROI with 3D yet when it comes to e-commerce? AD: Well we’ve started experimenting with free advertising, partnering with Google and programmatic networks to get our player to run 3D ads. We’ve seen a much better ROI than 2D ads. Like for a jewelry brand we did a case study. But to be honest, when I pitch an e-commerce brand I’m not pitching the ROI angle first. It’s a byproduct and I expect it to be ROI positive. But 10 years from now you will need to be ready for when virtual content is seamlessly shared with physical content. So what do you do today to be ready for that? AMLG: Get ahead of the curve. AD: Yes and today it starts with a web-based player of your products on an e-commerce site, and then tomorrow, I don’t know what the user interface is going to be for AR VR — AMLG: Why am I not seeing more 3D on Amazon . Are they going to do it? AD: That’s a long conversation but yes they’re working on it. AMLG: I would think so. They’re usually ahead of these things. I guess to get more into a random question for you— if you could go back in history and 3D capture any human or any place, what would it be? AD: Well my last grandmother just passed away. She is the only one I was able to capture in 3D four years ago because she came to visit me in New York. It sounds silly but I would love to have 3D portraits of all my grandparents. It’s as close to who they were and who they are. AMLG: Yeah it’s powerful stuff. AD: I take 3D portraits of my kids. It sounds silly — 8i’s “mom-and-baby” hologramAMLG: No not at all. We have a company called 8i and one of the first things they did was capture a mother holding a baby. It’s been one of the most popular assets. She came back a year later and stepped into herself again to hold the baby. She couldn’t believe how much her child had grown, stepping back into her own hologram and holding the baby. It was an interesting moment. That’s what they’ve found in capturing these human moments. I’d be curious to hear what was the first thing you ever uploaded or sold on Sketchfab? AD: The first asset I sold was a 3D capture of a chocolate croissant. It sold for $4.99. What’s interesting is that first, we had no idea if 3D captures would sell on our store because traditionally it’s an industry driven by high-end computer graphics and 3D captures are usually not optimized, the content doesn’t always look as good. So I was not expecting to sell it. Also, I had no idea who would have use of a virtual version of a croissant that costs more than the actual thing. Then I did a bit of research. It turns out it was an entrepreneur building an AR app to give nutritional advice on food. He’s doing machine learning on virtual versions of foods, so he is able to look at any actual food piece and say, hey — AMLG: I think I’ve come across this guy. I remember someone doing this. AD: There are probably several people doing that. But what’s interesting is, don’t assume that things won’t sell. Because you never know how they are going to be used. It was just a great surprise for me and for Sketchfab as a platform. View the full article
  5. It feels like we haven't heard much from Troy Ave in recent times, but he's still been active. The rapper has been dealing with some legal issues in recent times which is likely why he's been lowkey in the public eye. However, he's still dropped off new music as much as he could. Earlier this year, he released Style 4 Free 2 and over the weekend, he followed it up with his latest project, More Money More Problems. Laced with 10 tracks, Troy Ave comes through with his latest project, More Money More Problems. The project includes the single, "Ice Cream" which he dropped earlier this month. The rapper doesn't tap any additional vocal assistance on the project and holds down all 10 tracks on his own. The rapper addresses some of his legal issues on the tape and seems to also fire shots at Casanova on "Ice Cream." Peep Troy Ave's new project below. View the full article
  6. It's been over a year since the passing of Mobb Deep's Prodigy. Since his passing, there have been many posthumous records from him that have surfaced, whether they be guest verses or his own songs. Last week, P appeared on Big Twins' latest project, Grimey Life on the song, "Loyalty Over Love." Now, he appears on EyeOnEyez new track, "Out Queens." EyeOnEyez delivers something a bit more contemporary for Prodigy to flex on for the new track, "Out Queens." Prodigy's comes through swinging with heavy bars over EyeOnEyez' production. "Ya I get you this work from out Queens/ I show you how we do it up in New York/ All these rappers make me sick/ Fuck you life and ya bitch," P raps on the song's hook. Prodigy is one of the many major names that are set to feature on EyeOnEyez' upcoming project. Rick Ross, Method Man, Gucci Mane, T.I., A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and more are set to appear on EyeOnEyez new project. Quotable Lyrics You can't get a bad bitch, you could only get a smut (thot ass bitch) My bitch is a pitbull, you're little hoe is a mut (hoe ass bitch) My rappin' is murder, and your little verse is attempt I tour the whole planet, you tour at the club where they strip View the full article
  7. Brad Pitt, Spike Jonze, Lisa Loeb, Julianna Barwick, and more attended the event at the Largo in LA View the full article
  8. The road trip is a time-honored cinematic tradition that is renewed with a very real sense of racism and danger in Green Book. Rather than a dry historical treatment, however, director Peter Farrelly infuses the film with wry humor and a welcome consideration of the roots of the differences that can divide us. Remaining focused on the two lead characters bolsters the film immeasurably, since we get to know them intimately, even as they get to know each other. The relationship is initially a bit cold and chilly, but it warms up quickly. Learn more about Green Book below, then watch the two clips and the trailer. What's the story? The movie follows Italian-American bouncer Tony Vallelonga, known as Tony Lip, who takes a job as a chauffeur for Don "Doc&quot... Read More View the full article
  9. To be honest, it feels like Snoop Dogg should've gotten a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame years ago, but the rapper was finally honored for his contributions earlier today on Hollywood Blvd. The West Coast rappers' shared a little speech during his ceremony which included a special, heartfelt shout out to Dr. Dre. Kevin Winter/Getty Images Snoop Dogg has a few people to thank for his success in the rap game and Dr. Dre is certainly at the top of that list. During his speech at the Walk Of Fame ceremony, Snoop Dogg gave Dr. Dre a special shout out for believing in him since the jump. "Dr. Dre believed in me when I really wasn't nothing and I'mma say that because I mean that 'cause I really didn't know what I wanted to do," he said. "When Dr. Dre gave me the opportunity, he really -- he didn't look at me like somebody that was less than him. He looked at me like an equal and we always been brothers from that day... When you dealin' with a star and you comin' in as a nobody, it's easy for the star to down look you or play you low, but for him to look at me even, that's why we never said no to each other to this day because we always look at each other as brothers." He added, "Dr. Dre, I want to tell you I love you, cuz, for being my brother through hard times, real times and good times." Aside from Dr. Dre, Snoop did make sure to thank the most important person in his career: himself. "I want to thank me for believing in me. I want to thank me for doing all this hard work," he said. "Snoop Dogg, you a bad motherfucker." Snoop had some major names who witnessed the legend receive his well-deserved star on the Walk Of Fame including Pharrell and Quincy Jones. Peep more clips from his speech below. View the full article
  10. If you were a kid of the early '00s, you would've listened to Blink-182's hits just about everywhere. But importantly, have you been saying their name right? We specifically mean the "182" bit in the band's name, which, as per a conversation over Twitter, could be "one-eighty-two" or "one-eight-two." SEE ALSO: This gorgeous photoshoot will make you crave 100 McDonald's hash browns The observation was brought up by The Late Late Show writer Ian Karmel, who said the British pronounce it, weirdly enough, "one-eight-two." The British call Blink-182 “Blink One Eight Two” and I’m not saying that’s WHY they lost the Revolutionary War, but... — Karmitzvah (@IanKarmel) November 19, 2018 Read more... More about Music, Culture, Blink 182, Culture, and MusicView the full article
  11. Get ready to sob, because this newfound friendship will pull every single heartstring you have. While raking through debris from the devastating Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise, CA, firefighter Ryan Coleman came across a fluffy gray cat. Deciding that Coleman was her human, the friendly cat scaled his body and settled down on his shoulders. SEE ALSO: Some good news: Doughnut the 28-pound cat has a new home Already comfortable with her new companion, the cat rode around on his shoulders and affectionately rubbed her face on his stubble. In a video posted to Facebook last week, the absolute floof wrapped herself around Coleman's neck while he surveyed the remnants of Paradise. Read more... More about Wildfire, Aww, Camp Fire, Culture, and AnimalsView the full article
  12. Drone delivery really only seems practical for two things: take-out and organ transplants. Both are relatively light and also extremely time sensitive. Well, experiments in flying a kidney around Baltimore in a refrigerated box have yielded positive results — which also seems promising for getting your pad thai to you in good kit. The test flights were conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland there, led by surgeon Joseph Scalea. He has been frustrated in the past with the inflexibility of air delivery systems, and felt that drones represent an obvious solution to the last-mile problem. Scalea and his colleagues modified a DJI M600 drone to carry a refrigerated box payload, and also designed a wireless biosensor for monitoring the organ while in flight. After months of waiting, their study was assigned a kidney that was healthy enough for testing but not good enough for transplant. Once it landed in Baltimore, the team loaded it into the container and had it travel 14 separate missions of various distances and profiles. The longest of these was three miles, a realistic distance between hospitals in the area, and the top speed achieved was 67.6 km/h, or about 42 mph. Biopsies of the kidney were taken before and after the flights, and also after a reference flight on a small aircraft, which is another common way to transport organs medium distances. Image credit: Joseph Scalea The results are good: despite the potential threats of wind chill and heat from the motors of the drone (though this was mitigated by choosing a design with a distal motor-rotor setup), the temperature of the box remained at 2.5 degrees Celsius, just above freezing. And no damage appeared to have been done by the drones’ vibrations or maneuvers. Restrictions on drones and on how organs can be transported make it unlikely that this type of delivery will be taking place any time soon, but it’s studies like this that make it possible to challenge those restrictions. Once the risk has been quantified, then kidneys, livers, blood, and other tissues or important medical supplies may be transported this way — and in many cases, every minute counts. One can also imagine the usefulness of this type of thing in disaster situations, when not just ordinary aircraft but also land vehicles may have trouble getting around a city. Drones should be able to carry much-needed supplies — but before they do, they should definitely be studied to make sure they aren’t going to curdle the blood or anything. The specifics of the study are detailed in a paper published in the IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine. View the full article
  13. Tekashi 6ix9ine just can't keep himself out of trouble, even though he's been trying. A few days after firing his whole team, the Brooklyn rapper, along with five other individuals, including former manager Kifano "Shotti" Jordan, were arrested on racketeering and firearms charges earlier today. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like things are getting any better for him as the rapper is facing life behind bars for his alleged role in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang which operates in numerous parts of NYC including Brooklyn. Tekashi 6ix9ine and five other individuals were accused of being part of a criminal organization that engaged in murder, robbery and drug trafficking, The Blast reports. Two of the counts of firearms charges that 6ix9ine is facing have a max. sentence of life behind bars. The rapper, along with his associates, compromises a criminal "enterprise"that engages in illegal activity, court documents state. It also said they engaged in violent activities with rivals gang members. Official believe Nine Trey was involved in multiple shootings and robberies, as well as violents acts against rivals and those they believe weren't loyal to the organization. Documents claim the alleged gang “committed and agreed, attempted, and threatened to commit acts of violence to protect and expand their narcotics business and to protect fellow members of the enterprise.” They're also being accused of running drugs including heroin, fentanyl, furanyl fentanyl, MDMA, dibutylone and marijuana. The court documents also claim that 6ix9ine, Shotti and two other members of the entourage robbed unknown rivals as gunpoint “for the purpose of gaining entrance to and maintaining and increasing position in Nine.” 6ix9ine is set to be arraigned in New York City on six counts of weapons and racketeering charges. View the full article
  14. Frank Ocean teases an upbeat new song on his newly public Instagram. View the full article
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  16. Radio giant iHeartMedia announced today that it’s reached an agreement to acquire Jelli, a company bringing programmatic ad-buying to radio broadcasters. In fact, iHeartMedia was already working with Jelli to allow businesses to use programmatic tools to buy advertising on the company’s 850 broadcast radio stations. iHeartMedia also invested in Jelli’s most recent funding round. As a result of the deal, the Jelli team in Silicon Valley will become iHeartMedia’s main adtech operation, and it will still be led by CEO Michael Dougherty. At the same time, iHeartMedia says Expressway by Katz, the programmatic ad exchange created using Jelli technology, will be run independently by Katz Media Group. In a statement, iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman said: At iHeart we believe marketing is both math and magic. The math is our rich data and insights about our users and how they relate to our partners’ products and services — and the magic is the incredible creative ideas we bring to our partners, such as our iconic music events, award shows, influencers, podcasts, social reach and our unique on air promotions. Jelli allows us to do something no other company can do — advertisers can now buy and use our broadcast assets, reach and impact just as they use the major digital players. We now offer heavy data and heavy creative innovation all in one place. The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Jelli’s other investors include Relay Ventures, Intel Capital, First Round Capital and Universal Music Group, and, according to Crunchbase, it raised more than $40 million total. iHeartMedia, meanwhile, filed for bankruptcy in March, though it looks like it’s now preparing to leave Chapter 11 protection. View the full article
  17. The only thing that’s crazier than the fact that Half-Life was released exactly 20 years ago is that I wrote up its 10th anniversary on this very website… well, 10 years ago. We’ve both aged well, I like to think. But Half-Life has already left a legacy. Half-Life was Valve’s first game, when they were a young game studio and not the giant gaming conglomerate we know them as today. The game was also a big risk — its narrative-heavy gameplay, including the now famous arrival-at-work intro sequence, was a departure from the generally simple shooters of the late ’90s. At a time when most games were still level-based, Half-Life set forth a continuous (though still largely episodic) journey punctuated with setpiece encounters and more than a few terrifying moments. This story-centric, wide corridor approach would be immensely influential in game design, as would Half-Life’s scarily smart (for the time) enemy AI, particularly the soldiers sent to shut down the Black Mesa facility and everyone in it. The tantalizing tastes of a larger story in which you were only one part — orchestrated by the still-mysterious G-Man — kept players on the hook through its expansions and eventually its masterful and sadly unfinished sequel. The multiplayer, too, was a joy. I remember in particular long matches of robots versus scientists in Gasworks, and brutal close-quarters combat trying to escape the air raid in Crossfire. Then of course Team Fortress Classic and all that came after. But it wasn’t just Half-Life itself that was influential. Valve’s success with this experiment drove it to make further forays into gaming infrastructure, leading to the creation of Steam — now, of course, the world’s leading PC gaming platform. Although there are arguments to be made now that Steam is stuck in the past in many ways, it’s hard to overestimate its effect on the gaming industry over the years. I replayed the game a couple of years ago and it mostly holds up. The initial chapters are still compelling and creepy, and the action is still fun and frantic. The pacing isn’t so hot and of course the graphics aren’t so hot these days, and of course Xen is still a pain — but overall it’s easy to put yourself back in your ’90s shoes and remember how amazing this was back then. If you’re thinking of replaying it, however, you might do yourself a favor and instead play Black Mesa, a full-on remake of the game with more modern graphics and a lot of quality of life changes. It’s still largely the same game, just not quite as 1998. View the full article
  18. Azealia Banks published a lot of content concerning Kanye West on her Instagram account over the past few days. The string of posts started out with a peculiar "YEEZY survival kit" she shared in case West decided to materialize the design without giving her proper credit. Then, she ranted about his being in a kind of "sunken place" situation with his wife Kim Kardashian who, according to Banks, ruined his life. Her latest expression of grievance towards her male counterpart pertains to loyalty and music. Banks filmed a series of IG stories recalling her recent reconciliation with Kanye. She said the pair's relationship was mended when West reached out to her for emotional support as he dealt with the aftermath of his political stunts. When Lana Del Rey spoke out against Yeezy, the producer asked Banks to post up against the singer in his defense. The self-proclaimed "queen of beef" accepted his request and came for Lana aggressively, which earned her the usual lashing on social media. During this amicable period, Ye hit her up to work on a collaborative track with Tekashi 6ix9ine. Apparently, Azealia agreed and wrote a verse for the song. Before receiving any updates about the track, the New York native got word of 6ix9ine and West's filming a music video alongside Nicki Minaj which was assumed to be the same track she had written for. At this point, Banks realized she couldn't keep interacting with Kanye anymore. Although Azealia Banks seems to forgo logic in some of the statements she makes, her claims are often validated in the future. Her reputation as a troublemaker usually has time to flare up before people acknowledge the fact that she had been telling the truth. Fortunately, Azealia remains unbothered. She's currently enthralled in the process of completing her upcoming album. View the full article
  19. Ready to upgrade from your e-scooter? The NERA electric motorcycle is a functioning bike that was made using a 3D printer. The only catch — it's just a "use case" example for a German 3D printing company to show off its material-making skills. SEE ALSO: This 3D-printed bicycle is stronger than titanium Even if it's not for sale, it's an impressive print job from the NOWlab at 3D printer company BigRep. Printed in 15 pieces, the NERA bike actually runs on an electric engine embedded in the back rim. The battery is housed within the body. Everything but the bike's electrical components were 3D-printed, including the tires, rims, frame, fork (the part that connects the front wheel and axle to the frame), and seat. Read more... More about 3d Printing, Electric Vehicles, Motorcycle, Tech, and TransportationView the full article
  20. It's officially the time of year where life starts to feel like a big Food Network cooking competition show — starring you as the only contestant. Maybe you're the master chef of the house, preparing to wow your entire extended family with your most decadent holiday recipes. Or perhaps you're a total amateur, buying endless boxes of brownie mix and Stove Top Stuffing to hopefully contribute something both easy and edible to gatherings this year. Either way, you won't get very far if you don't have the tools you need. From pots and pans to baking trays, cutlery, and more, kitchen gear can get a bit pricey — which is why we're super psyched that Macy's has a ton of Calphalon cookware sets on sale right nowPlus, when you use the promo code SCORE, you can score an extra 20% off all these items. Read more... More about Home, Black Friday, Kitchen, Mashable Shopping, and Shopping Linkshare View the full article
  21. If there's one thing that Joyner Lucas knows, it's that he's one of the nicest rappers in the game, bar-for-bar. He's so confident in his skills, he barely thinks twice before challenging someone to go battle him. Over the weekend, Tory Lanez made some comments that seemed to rub him the wrong way, and now, he wants Tory Lanez to put his skills to the test in a rap battle. Tory Lanez is undoubtedly confident in his abilities as an artist, whether it comes to singing or rapping, but he doesn't think that anyone could touch him when it comes to writing songs. "Anytime you see me showcase singing or if they see me showcase rap, my n***a, I'm always destroyin' shit my n***a, always," he said before a fan asked him about his thoughts on Joyner Lucas."The Joyner kid? He's nice, but he can't fuck with me. Not on no level, period." This statement prompted Joyner Lucas to challenge Tory to a rap battle. He shared a clip of Tory's Instagram Live session and told the Canadian artist that they should let fans decided "who ain't fucking with who." "@torylanez if your so confident my guy, let’s pick a beat. you spit your hardest bars over it and il do the same. Wel let the people decide who ain’t fucking with who. Then we will pick a date and time and you present your version and I’m present my version, " he wrote. "If your not willing to step up and accept my proposal then don’t ever say no silly shit like “bar for bar Joyner Lucas ain’t fucking with me” ever again in your life. " He added, "I love the confidence but stop it bro." Peep the clip below. View the full article
  22. In a blockbuster deal for Fanatics and Ticketmaster, the two companies have agreed to sell verified tickets and merchandise on each others’ sites. According to a statement from the two companies, the partnership will give leagues, teams and universities an integrated e-commerce experience from the two companies’ customer databases to create fan rewards programs, as well. Ticketmaster is the gatekeeper for almost every major sporting event in the U.S., and through the new deal will be the exclusive ticket provider for Fanatics — giving shoppers the ability to buy tickets through embedded links on sites like Fanatics .com, and individual team sites. Ticket purchases will also get Fanatics shoppers access to a rewards program where points can be exchanged for merchandise. “As the go-to destination for event tickets and the official ticketing partner to so many incredible sport clients, we’re always looking for ways to enhance the fan experience while simultaneously adding value to our partners,” Jared Smith, president of Ticketmaster, said in a statement. “Partnering with Fanatics in this way is the definition of a win-win for us, for Fanatics, for our common rights holders and for fans.” The partnership will also allow Ticketmaster to target Fanatics shoppers with personalized offerings, special offers and identify new customers. Fanatics shoppers can also receive bundles of merchandise as an up-sell on their ticket purchases through Ticketmaster. “As partner to leagues, teams and schools, Ticketmaster and Fanatics have a shared responsibility to help stakeholders amplify their brands and grow their businesses,” said Cole Gahagan, chief commercial officer of Fanatics. “By teaming up, we’re now in a remarkably unique position to not only boost event awareness, but to also reward fans, and increase the value of buying tickets and attending games. It’s a big win for every member of the sports community.” View the full article
  23. Photo shots fired! Google announced an update to its Photos app for iOS on Monday. Now, iPhone users can edit the background blur and focus of portrait mode images within the Google Photos iOS app. Customized portraits, here you come! SEE ALSO: Does the Google Pixel 3 have the best smartphone camera? — Mashable Reviews The new capability is a boon for iPhone users without the latest models. Users who have anything but an iPhone with an "X" in its name now have a great reason to install a Google app on their iPhone. New to iOS, adjust the background blur and change the focus of your portrait mode photo Just pull up a portrait photo in Google Photos, click the editing icon to get to the editing menu, then tap it one more time to edit depth and focus. — Google Photos (@googlephotos) November 19, 2018 Read more... More about Google, Apple, Iphone, Google Photos, and Depth EffectView the full article
  24. It was a stormy Monday for cloud stocks today with the general trend pointing way down. Okta stock took the biggest beating, down over 15 percent to $48.67, and even mighty Salesforce had its worst day since 2016, according to CNBC, down 8.7 percent to $121.01. Wall Street was apparently disenchanted with just about every cloud company, large and small and in-between. Nobody, it seemed, was spared investor’s wrath: Box was down 6.93 percent to $16.66 Workday was down 7.57 percent to $124.07 Twilio was down 13.76 percent to $76.90 Amazon (which of course includes AWS) was down 5.09 percent to $1,512.29 That’s just a smattering of the cloud stocks, and it didn’t take any cherry picking to give you the idea. It was a bad day, but there really is no rhyme or reason for this drubbing. The cloud is in high growth mode. Amazon just reported cloud revenue accounted for $6.68 billion, up 46 percent in its most recent earnings report. That’s a run rate of almost $25 billion just for the cloud business. Salesforce? In August, it reported $3.28 billion for the quarter. That’s 27 percent year-over-year, and puts them on a run rate of over $13 billion. It wasn’t that long ago the company stormed through a $10 billion revenue goal and set its sights on $20 billion. As for Okta, it’s reporting in a couple of weeks, but in its most recent report, it announced $94.6 million, which accounted for 57 percent year-over-year growth with subscription revenue growing 59 percent year-over-year. None of these sound like companies in trouble, do they? John Dinsdale, chief analyst and research director at Synergy Research, a firm that tracks cloud market share, said it was a case of today’s short-term snapshot of the market simply not matching the forecasted growth of the cloud in the coming years. “Well, there is logic and then there is the stock market; and often the two have little in common,” Dinsdale told TechCrunch. “In terms of ongoing market growth and future prospects, absolutely nothing has changed. The market forecasts remain extremely healthy. Indeed, if anything our next forecast update will likely result in us nudging up our forecast growth rates a little,” he said. In general, the cloud market continues to grow, according to Synergy’s latest reports (which is in line with other market projections). “The Q3 growth rate of 45% compares with a full-year 2017 growth rate of 44% and a 2016 growth rate of 50%. Public IaaS and PaaS services account for the bulk of the market and those grew by 51% in Q3,” Synergy wrote in their October 25th report. Perhaps this is just a case of one bad day as the stock market continues its overall volatility of the last couple of months, but whatever the reasons, cloud stocks really took it on the chin today. View the full article
  25. Travis Scott called Kylie Jenner his "beautiful wife" during his Astroworld Festival, so now fans are speculating that they're secretly married. View the full article
  26. This post contains many, many spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Now that some people have seen Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald it's time to discuss some of the movie's more shocking, upsetting, and truly bizarre moments. SEE ALSO: What the shocking end reveal during 'Crimes of Grindelwald' means for the 'Fantastic Beasts' franchise Because, wow. Even for Harry Potter, this movie got weird. Spoilers abound, so scroll down at one's own risk. 1. So the opening shot refers to MACUSA as the “American Ministry of Magic." As if they hadn't spent a whole movie making people say MACUSA to explain why it is different from the British Ministry of Magic. Read more... More about Fantastic Beasts 2, Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows View the full article
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