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  2. Instagram is starting to look more and more like Facebook. The app is testing a new feature that would let brands add prominent buttons linking back to their business inside the app. The feature, which an Instagram spokesperson confirmed is being tested right now, was spotted in the app this week on a post for the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach. A big "book now" button, which appeared to link out directly to the hotel's website, appeared underneath a post. @MattNavarra hey! Have you ever come across this book now feature on Instagram? From a client in the us who spotted it - but details seem fairly elusive? — Megan-Elizabeth (@MeganEllizabeth) December 14, 2018 Read more... More about Tech, Instagram, Tech, and Social Media CompaniesView the full article
  3. Oldbeats

    The Dead Pool Christmas Movie?

    I hear that a new Dead Pool film is coming for the holidays,what's the word on this one?
  4. Many of us only know Khia for her raunchy single "My Neck My Back." The 2002 single is undisputedly her most popular single as it still gets referenced sixteen years later. The singer has had a lengthy career, releasing a handful of albums for her fans. Khia is definitely what one would call a "bad bitch" and she's making sure that she breaks a couple necks on the street when she walks around town. A few weeks ago, she showed off the results of her surgery and now, she's back at it as she looks better than ever before. She's feeling herself and her new look, putting both hands on her behind and flaunting that work. Khia notes that she still feels sore but that she's loving the results of her Brazillian Butt Lift. A few videos were posted online from her live stream at the doctor's office as she flaunted her new accentuated curves. During the operation, the doctor made sure she ended up with a big booty and a slim waist so that she could be the talk of the town again. What do you think of the appearance changes Khia has made? She seems to be happy with the results. View the full article
  5. Yung Gravy's satirical style has caught the attention of the Soundcloud rap world. The rapper's been buzzing throughout the year following the numerous singles he's unleashed, but today, he might have dropped what could be his biggest single to date. Alongside Atlanta's rising star, Lil Baby, Yung Gravy returns with his new single, "Alley Oop." Yung Gravy teams up with Lil Baby for their new collaboration, "Alley Oop." The song, which Gravy describes as the "hardest song" he's ever made, kicks off with Yung Gravy over a bass-heavy, string-based beat that fits Baby's style well. "I was in Atlanta making a song about Atlanta to show love back (ATL stays my #1 fanbase) and about hooping cause @karltowns made me love the culture way more than I had. It got played in the QC studio and @lilbaby_1loved it so now we got ALLEY OOP," he wrote on Instagram. "Gravy with the assist , baby with the finish." Quotable Lyrics I pull up, you panic Ice on my wrist, it took down the Titantic I'm at Giuseppe I'm in the back of the store getting' Becky View the full article
  6. The track features Ghostface Killah, Method Man, and Raekwon View the full article
  7. The tech giant filed the patent application called “Offline Trajectories.” Read more... More about Facebook, Mashable Video, Patent, Tracking, and TechView the full article
  8. A recently released study shows that female-led films earn more money than male-led Hot damn, it's a good time to be alive! Read more... More about Entertainment, Movies, Mashable Video, Money, and Money And Wealth View the full article
  9. The U.S. airline says all service and support animals under four months are not permitted to fly, and that all emotional-support animals on flights longer than eight hours are banned as well. Read more... More about Dogs, Cats, Mashable Video, Airlines, and DeltaView the full article
  10. Philadelphia 76ers guard Markelle Fultz was recently diagnosed with Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, aka TOS, which will keep him on the sidelines for several more weeks. Though Fultz hasn't played in nearly a month and is currently rehabbing in Los Angeles, several NBA teams have reached out to the Sixers in hopes of trading for the 20-year old former #1 overall pick. However, as Candace Buckner of the Washington Post reports, those offers have all been rejected. Buckner notes: "According to people in the league, the Sixers have rejected multiple trade offers for Fultz. It’s not just that Philadelphia remains hopeful in getting Fultz on track to be a star in Philadelphia — much like prior top picks Ben Simmons and Embiid, who both missed their rookie seasons because of injuries." "The Sixers have not received trade offers with what they believe to be equal value, a telling sign that indicates how other teams in the league view Fultz and the rocky start to his career." Among the teams that have reportedly expressed interest in Fultz is the Detroit Pistons. Fultz, the 2017 #1 overall pick by the Sixers, missed most of his rookie season with a shoulder injury and his struggles shooting the ball have been well documented over the course of his young NBA career. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reports that there's optimism Fultz will return in three to six weeks, depending on the success of his rehab and pain tolerance. In 19 games this season, Fultz is averaging 8.2 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.1 assists. The Sixers, 19-10, will host the Indiana Pacers tonight. View the full article
  11. Kim Kardashian has been vocal about her daughter's love for makeup before and it seems like it's gotten to a point where rules have to be enforced. Kim chatted with Refinery29 and said that five-year-old North West loves doing makeovers on her friends and dolls and is even lucky enough to get a lot of free makeup from her mom. "When companies send makeup and I have a lot, I’ll give it to her," Kim told the publication. Kim plans to take some notes from her father's handbook when it comes to knowing the dos and don'ts when it comes to beauty tricks. "I remember when I was 14, my dad for Christmas got me a makeup class," Kim explained. "And I went to makeup school. He was like, 'I don't want you girls looking crazy. If you’re gonna wear makeup, I want you to learn to do it in the right way.' That was really helpful and I think I will take a cue from that. I’m definitely going to set guidelines." As for the two things North can't wear it's simple: "I don't think she should wear lashes or too dark of a lipstick," Kim said adding how makeup is "a form of expression." "So I want her to express herself, but I want her to be appropriate, too." View the full article
  12. The beef between Drake and Pusha-T has reached new levels at this point. There are sub-feuds to it as now, the most intense back-and-forth is happening between Kanye West and the 6 God. Kanye has already promised that he won't be recording any diss records directed at Drake but Pusha-T didn't hold back as much. The Virginia rapper unleashed a furious barrage onto Drizzy, revealing that the Canadian has a secret son with Sophie Brussaux, a former camgirl. Although every episode of Everyday Struggle is pretty entertaining, this week introduced Tory Lanez to the panel as he gave his opinion on who won the heated battle. A few years ago, Tory wouldn't have hesitated before choosing Pusha-T as the winner. However, now that his own issues have been settled with Drake, Lanez made an unorthodox choice and pick his fellow Torontonian. The general consensus remains that Push dropped the better diss songs of the two. Many of his references were built on shock value though, which Tory alludes to, saying that he wasn't a fan of the way Push went about things. Specifically, the line about Drake's producer 40 and his MS diagnosis went a little too far. Tory touched on a few other hot topics, including Kodak Black's walk-out of his interview with Ebro. Tory took Kodak's side there, saying that Ebro was on some "b*tch ass n***a shit." View the full article
  13. In recent months, pressure has been mounting for major tech firms to develop strong policies regarding facial recognition. Microsoft has helped lead the way on that front, promising to put in place stricter policies, calling for greater regulation and asking fellow companies to follow suit. Hidden toward the end of a blog post about using artificial intelligence to benefit health clinics in Asia, Google SVP Kent Walker affirmed the company’s commitment not to sell facial recognition APIs. The executive cites concerns over how the technology could be abused. “[F]acial recognition technology has benefits in areas like new assistive technologies and tools to help find missing persons, with more promising applications on the horizon,” Walker writes. “However, like many technologies with multiple uses, facial recognition merits careful consideration to ensure its use is aligned with our principles and values, and avoids abuse and harmful outcomes. We continue to work with many organizations to identify and address these challenges, and unlike some other companies, Google Cloud has chosen not to offer general-purpose facial recognition APIs before working through important technology and policy questions.” In an interview this week, CEO Sundar Pichai address similar growing concerns around AI ethics. “I think tech has to realize it just can’t build it and then fix it,” he told The Washington Post. “I think that doesn’t work,” adding that artifical intelligence could ultimately prove “far more dangerous than nukes.” The ACLU, which has offered sharp criticism over privacy and racial profiling concerns, lauded the statement. In the next paragraph, however, the company promised to continue to apply pressure on these large orgs. “We will continue to put Google’s feet to the fire to make sure it doesn’t build or sell a face surveillance product that violates civil and human rights,” ACLU tech director Nicole Ozer said in a statement. “We also renew our call on Amazon and Microsoft to not provide dangerous face surveillance to the government. Companies have a responsibility to make sure their products can’t be used to attack communities and harm civil rights and liberties — it’s past time all companies own up to that responsibility.” The organization has offered particularly sharp criticism against Amazon for its Rekognition software. This week, it also called out the company’s patent application for a smart doorbell that uses facial recognition to identify “suspicious” visitors. View the full article
  14. Mapplethorpe stars Marianne Rendón as Patti Smith and Matt Smith as the famed photographer View the full article
  15. The end of the year is almost here and I can't think of better way to spread some holiday cheer than with a witty card. Since everyone is so *extremely online* all the time, this year, we decided to create some delightful internet and pop culture-inspired holiday cards for you to send your social media acquaintances, co-workers, friends, and loved ones. SEE ALSO: 50 things to be thankful for in 2018 Here are five superb GIF cards that will help you say "Season's Greetings" to the Ariana Grande fan, Star Is Born stan, Netflix and chill buddy, Gritty obsessor, or Trump lover/hater in your life. Read more... More about Holidays, Donald Trump, Social Media, Ariana Grande, and Web Culture View the full article
  16. Electric scooter and bike-share company Lime is not giving up on San Francisco. This afternoon, Lime plans to protest on the steps of SF City Hall to petition the city’s scooter selection process. “We are calling the SFMTA to expand equitable transportation options throughout the City by allowing more choice and greater options, by requiring a scalable low-income program that ensures equal access to scooters and other mobility options, and by working with experienced operators with a proven track record of success,” Lime wrote in its petition. “The SFMTA scooter selection process resulted in an extremely small service area as well as an absence of robust equity options. If you are as frustrated as we are, come let your voice be heard.” The SFMTA has previously said it was “confident” it picked the right companies. When the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency selected Skip and Scoot as the only two electric scooter companies permitted to operate in the city, competitor Lime took legal steps to attempt to prevent Skip and Scoot from deploying. A San Francisco judge, however, promptly denied Lime’s request for a temporary restraining order. Meanwhile, Lime had officially appealed the SFMTA’s decision. Other companies, including Spin and Uber’s JUMP, have also appealed the scooter selection process. Earlier today, the SFMTA heard Lime’s case. It’s not clear how it went, but I’ve reached out to Lime and the SFMTA to learn more. Based on Lime’s actions, it seems as if it didn’t work out very well for the company. View the full article
  17. Despite having a new hit song with Swae Lee at the moment called “Sunflower,” off the new Spiderman soundtrack, Post Malone looks to be readying another record for fans. Late last night, the BeerBongs & Bentley rapper took to his Twitter to inform us that he’s dropping a new song by the end of the year, or better yet within three weeks. He didn’t provide any other information about the record, like what it’s called or where it’s coming off of, but it’s definitely nice to hear more tunes from Posty is on the way. The announcement came on the heels of Post Malone’s new croc’s selling out this week and being resold for nearly $800 dollars. Hopefully Post Malone will have a third drop of the Croc release for fans to try and cop, or better yet maybe he inks a partnership deal altogether. While we wait for Posty’s upcoming song to arrive, hear him on the newly-released Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse soundtrack right here. Other features on the soundtrack include Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Juice WRLD, Ty Dolla $ign, and Vince Staples, among others. View the full article
  18. Fever Dreams features “cybernetic road trip soundtracks, futuristic dancefloor anthems, and instrumental sojourns to hell and back” View the full article
  19. A few weeks back The-Dream reappeared to let his many fans know that he's working on three albums that will be available by the end of the year, arriving on December 21st. He accompanied the big news with a message letting us know that he "never f*cking left" which makes us assume he's been taking in all that 2018 was musically, waiting for his own time to shine. The "Shawty Is Da Shit" music maker has now dropped off the official track list for all three of his LP's titled Ménage à Trois: Sextape Vol. 1, 2, 3. “On December 21st, all artists that want that smoke go find a bunker… hide!,” Radio Killa said. “This ain’t church R&B ni**a. I changed that 10 years ago. Don’t show your face until the storm has blown over. I am out of my fucking mind!!! 38 songs, no fillers! Three complete bodies of work.” The tracklist looks to have zero features and the 38 songs (40 including the two interludes) ties in exactly with the name of the tape, as all titles allude to bedroom happenings. Check out the full list below, are you guys hyped for this? Volume 1: 1. “Hardcore Pleasure” 2. “No Rappers Allowed” 3. “Forever” 4. “Challenger” 5. “Back In Love” 6. “Night Thang” 7. “Tuxedo” 8. “On the Regular” 9. “Platter” 10. “Top” 11. “Hell Mary” 12. “Life” 13. “It’s Yo Birthday” 14. It’s Yo Birthday (Live Interlude)” Volume 2: 1. “Temptation” 2. “Bedroom” 3. “Nda” 4. “Ready” 5. “Pull Out” 6. “Change You” 7. “Gorgeous” 8. “Make It Rain” 9. “Yours and Mine” 10. “I Like” 11. “Rise” 12. “What It Look Like” Volume 3: 1. “Drop Some New Sh*t (Intro)” 2. “Drop Some New Sh*t” 3. “Super Soaker” 4. “You and I” 5. “Runaway Sex” 6. “Human Beings” 7. “Gimmie That” 8. “The Paris of the West” 9. “Nikki’s Dialogue” 10. “You” 11. “Everytime I Kill Her” 12. “Back to My Room” 13. “U Got a Fan” 14. “Body Fall” View the full article
  20. Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently sitting behind bars, awaiting trial for his racketeering and firearms charges. He's not here to promote the album, but the fact that he's currently jailed might play a factor in the commercial success of DUMMY BOY. Although he never earned his rightfully earned number one album, the rapper's still doing numbers on the chart. DUMMY BOY showcased the various styles of 6ix9ine: his aggressive rapping style, his autotune-laden radio hits, and of course, his Latin pop sounds. The rapper collaborated with Anuel AA on two songs -- the previously released "BEBE" and "MALA." The latter of which serves as Tekashi 6ix9ine's latest single to enter the Hot Latin Songs chart. Tekashi 6ix9ine earned his second top 10 single on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart with "MALA." The song climbed up three spots to number 7 after debuting at #11 with only three full streaming days. "BEBE" previously topped claimed the top spot on the chart. "MALA" gained 6.8 million streams in the U.S. in the week ending on Dec. 6. For Anuel, this serves as his fifth top 10 single on the Latin Songs Chart. In addition to "MALA," the Latin artist currently has four songs in the top 10 including "Ella Quiere Beber" with Romeo Santos, "Bebe" which sits at number 6 and "Asesina" with Brytiago, Darell, Daddy Yankee and Ozuna which currently sits at number 9. View the full article
  21. On the artwork of Cassius Jay and Lil Uzi Vert's new collaboration "Big Racks," the "Lil" has been conspicuously dropped from Uzi's moniker. Perhaps it signifies a sense of artistic growth, from boy to man; perhaps it merely speaks to a desire to give the snake's face more room. In any case, the rapper has returned with an official follow-up to the acclaimed "New Patek." While he's not exactly going off for six minutes, Uzi is still bringing enough bars to please both ends of the musical spectrum; naturally, however, the drip remains a dominant element of his persona. "Used to watch that Sailor Moon, but I still feel like a goon," snarls Uzi, "I was broke pockets had room, remember I didn't have rooms." One has to wonder if he used to imagine himself as a Tuxedo Mask of sorts, though he never has been one to forsake a colorful outfit. On that note, Uzi makes sure to line his lyrics with materialistic references, reminding listeners that his AP is indeed lined with diamonds. If you've got it, flaunt it. Stay tuned for that new Uzi album Eternal Atake, presumably coming next year - unless the Heaven's Gate cult kidnaps him. Quotable Lyrics Used to watch that Sailor Moon, But I still feel like a goon I was broke pockets had room Remember I didn't have rooms Now my new crib, that bitch got hundred rooms View the full article
  22. Earlier this year, the identity of Drake's baby mama was revealed to the world. Unfortunately, the Canadian star didn't have a chance to tell the world in the manner that he wanted. Instead, the information was leaked to Pusha-T, who released a diss track called "The Story of Adidon." You've all heard the song by now. Push accuses Drake of fathering a secret child with a camgirl, which turned out to actually be true. After Kanye West went wild on Twitter last night, Drake seemingly responded with threats and laughing emojis. His baby mama was a little more vocal though, commenting on an Instagram post with her own shots at Ye. While Kanye insists he's not the person who leaked the information to Pusha-T, Sophie Brussaux is still backing Drake in this battle. Ariana Grande tweeted that the "two grown men arguing" should calm down so that her single can get some attention. The tweet was reposted by The Shade Room and Sophie Brussaux decided to step in, firing off a few shots in the comment section: "I would hardly call Kanye arguing with himself 'grown men.'" Yikes. She's right, though. This has been fairly one-sided as the only public statements have been made by West at this point. Drake has saved his big talk for the phone call he allegedly made to Ye's residence. This is getting serious. [via] View the full article
  23. The 2014 project has been remastered and made available on streaming services for the first time View the full article
  24. “There was no way that I was going to get enough attention being a rock artist in 2018 unless I did something to get people to pay attention” View the full article
  25. When Kahoot, the startup that operates a popular platform for user-generated educational gaming, raised $15 million in October of this year, we mentioned that Disney might take a larger stake in the company, beyond the small investment it took after Kahoot passed through the Disney Accelerator. Now with some 60 million games on its platform, today Kahoot announced that this has come to pass: Disney has backed Kahoot to the tune of $15 million — working out to a four percent stake in the startup at a $360 million valuation, based on the current share price of 28 Norwegian kroner (shares of Kahoot are traded on the Norway OTC as an unlisted stock). Kahoot declined to comment for this story beyond the investment announcement posted on the exchange, but for some context, this is a nice bump up in Kahoot’s valuation from October, when it was at $300 million. Other sizeable and notable investors in the company include Microsoft and Nordic investor Northzone (which has backed Spotify and other significant startups out of the region). On the part of Disney, it’s not clear yet whether its Kahoot stake will lead to more Disney content on the platform, or if this is more of an arm’s length financial backing. The entertainment giant has made nearly 50 investments by way of its accelerator program. In some cases it increases those to more significant holdinga, as it has in the case of HQ Trivia, Sphero, Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite (a very different take on gaming compared to Kahoot), Samba TV and more. Disney has been dabbling in both gaming and education as vehicles to market its many brands, and also as salient businesses of their own — no surprise, given that one primary focus for it has been on younger consumers and their needs and interests. In some cases, it seems it may use strategic investments to do this, for example with Disney-themed nights on HQ Trivia. Interestingly, although it doesn’t appear that Disney invests in Byju’s — which itself just raised $300 million — the educational app, which has been described as “Disneyesque”, teamed up with Disney in October to develop co-branded educational content, another sign of Disney’s interest in the field. Kahoot has been around since 2006 but has seen a sharp rise in users in the last few years on the back of strong growth in the US — benefitting from a wider trend of educators creating content on mediums and platforms that they know students already use and love. Kahoot’s last reported user numbers come from January, when it said it had 70 million registrations, but its CEO and co-founder Åsmund Furuseth told TechCrunch in October that it was on track to pass 100 million by this month. Kahoot didn’t release updated figures today, but my guess is that Kahoot has hit its target (maybe even passed it), and that is one reason why Disney decided to exercise its investment option. Kahoot is not your average gaming company: some games are created in-house, but the majority of them are user-generated — “Kahoots” in the company’s parlance — created by the people setting the learning tasks or those trying to create a more entertaining way of remembering or learning something. These, in turn, become games that potentially anyone can use to learn something (hence the name). There have been about 60 million of these games created to date, a pretty massive amount considering this is educational content at the end of the day. Kahoot has developed its business along two avenues, with games for K-12 students and games for business users, building training and other professional development in a wrapper of gamification to engage workers more in the content. In practice, about half the games in Kahoot’s catalogue are available to the public and half are private, with the split roughly following the company’s business model: games made for corporate purposes tend to be kept private, while the educational ones tend to be made publicly available. The business model also follows that split, with Kahoot’s business users accounting for the majority of its revenue, too. We have contacted Disney for comment too and will update this post as we learn more. View the full article
  26. Bose and Beats are two of the biggest names in the audio world right now — but any veteran audiophile knows that there's one huge name that completes the headphone trifecta. We're talking about Sennheiser: the Holy Grail of meaty, balanced sound. And while Bluetooth headphones are forever in the spotlight, it's time for someone else to steal the show for once: Hardcore movie people can save $60 on the Sennheiser RS 120 RF Wireless Headphones (charging dock included), and audiophiles who are still clinging to the headphone jack can save $181 on the infamous Sennheiser HD 650 Professional Headphones. Read more... More about Headphones, Sennheiser, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Amazon, and TechView the full article
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