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  2. Title: Algo Extraño Artist: Dim Key Style: Techno Label: Eastar Records Listen to the release here and get your own copy! Available Now From: iTunes Beatport Junodownload Traxsource Amazon Maybe you will be interested our 12" EP release: Title: Places Artist: Kip5 Style: Dub Techno, Minimal, Deep Label: SM Records Format: 12" Catalog number: SMR001 This is the first release from the SM Records label which introduces you a great musical producer from Russia, Egor Zakharov creating his music under the name of Kip5. The Places release consists of 4 pieces of his own played in dub techno style. The release is opened by a mysterious piece charming in its serenity, Here which smoothly flows into a romantic, very gentle There track. At the other side of the release, you will continue your travelling to the Somewhere composition which has pronounced deep sounding. At last, your exciting travelling will finish to the atmospheric Nowhere track which can help you get rest, relax, have a cup of coffee. While listening, you’ll visit all those wonderful places and come back in great spirits. Facebook page: Thank you for your Support!
  3. London-based startup Acasa has come a long way since late 2015. The company, then called Splittable, offered a way to manage and share household expenses with multiple house members. However, the bigger vision was to build a platform for ‘Generation Rent’ that makes moving from one houseshare to another as easy as logging in and out of the Acasa app. Read More View the full article
  4. This adorable rare white koala needs your help to find her new name. The little joey is among several koalas born at an Australian zoo in recent months, but has only recently emerged from her mother's pouch. SEE ALSO: A koala walks into a pharmacy, and all people could do was watch She is the first white koala ever to be born in Queensland's Australia Zoo. The female koala, who has light fur, does not have albinism but owes her pale colouration to a recessive gene, thought to be inherited from her mother. Image: AUSTRALIA ZOO/SUPPLIED Image: AUSTRALIA ZOO/SUPPLIED However, her white fur might not last forever. Read more... More about Australia, Queensland, Australia Zoo, White Koala, and Baby KoalaView the full article
  5. Starting this week, products from select vendors in six African countries are available on eBay’s U.S. shopping site. The collaboration starts in style, with opening merchandise categories of fashion, art, jewelry, and clothing. Read More View the full article
  6. Many people don’t pay much attention to their district attorneys, let alone realize district attorneys are elected officials, says Ana Zamora, the criminal justice policy director at the ACLU of Northern California. That was the genesis for MeetYourDA. The campaign, which launched today, aims to build power in local communities to hold district attorneys accountable to criminal… Read More View the full article
  7. Check out Mozzy's latest video for "Sleep Walkin." the full article
  8. "Desus & Mero" are coming back for a second season next year on Viceland. the full article
  9. Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture: Short Film of the Day: The short film Western Sol was filmed and broadcast live during today's solar eclipse. You can watch the finished product here: Film History of the Day: And in honor of today's solor eclipse, Birth.Movies.Death presented a history of eclipses in the movies and on TV: Easter Eggs of the Day: You've had the whole weekend to watch all of Marvel's The Defenders on Netflix, so here's Mr. Sunday Movies with all the Easter eggs in the series: Vintage Image of the Day: Carrie-Anne Moss, who turns 50 today, receives direction from Christopher Nolan on the set of Memento in... Read More View the full article
  10. A woman is now speaking out against R. Kelly, saying she was paid to keep quiet about his physical abuse. the full article
  11. A woman is now speaking out against R. Kelly, saying she was paid to keep quiet about his physical abuse. the full article
  12. I'am dedicating this page to under rated hiphop albums/rappers that never got the props they deserved hope you enjoy the music . THANK YOU KINDLY !! HERES THE LINK
  13. Geoff Lewis has left Founders Fund, where he was partner, and is starting a venture fund of his own. This means he’ll no longer be working with Peter Thiel, directly anyway. Founders Fund will be one of his LPs. The news was first reported by Bloomberg, which said that he intends to raise more than $100 million for the new fund. We understand that the exact amount has not been… Read More View the full article
  14. While talk of Spotify’s apparent upcoming IPO continues in the U.S., the music streaming service is furthering its coverage of Asia after it launched its service in Thailand. Spotify Premium, which counts over 60 million paying users, will cost 129 THB in Thailand. That’s just over $4 and in line with its pricing across Asia. Customers in the U.S. and UK will be aware that it… Read More View the full article
  15. Jerhonda Pace says Kelly paid her to stay quiet about their relationship, but she’s speaking up for the women living in the singer’s alleged “cult” View the full article
  16. The Kevin Abstract-led collective, Brockhampton, shares the tracklist & cover for their upcoming sequel to "Saturation." the full article
  17. About a week after President Donald Trump defended people who marched with neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, former Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson called slavery "good history" during a Monday appearance on Fox News. I'm not quite sure what to type from here. Pierson was on Fox along with John Hopkins University professor Wendy Osefo, who often appears on Fox News as a liberal counterweight. They debated whether Confederate statues should be taken down from the U.S. capitol. SEE ALSO: Donald Trump’s teleprompter is back from vacation to denounce racism Pierson, in her typically truculent I-will-keep-shouting-my-words-even-as-the-earth-around-me-crumbles style, said the Confederate monuments deserve "a place because bad history is still good history for this country." Read more... More about Donald Trump, Business, and Media IndustryView the full article
  18. Check out Demrick's new video for "Superficial." the full article
  19. Biotech and artificial intelligence have emerged as the top startup trends at Y Combinator‘s 25th Demo Day. The 124 companies presenting at the entrepreneur school’s twice-yearly graduation event compose YC’s largest batch from its 12.5 years running. YC partner Michael Seibel kicked off the event by reiterating the accelerator’s commitment to advancing diversity in… Read More View the full article
  20. The TDE founder copped all of his family members a brand new car this past weekend. the full article
  21. Google pays Apple lots of money for search, Uber’s next CEO could possibly be Jeff Immelt, Volkswagen electric Microbus is going on sale in 2022 and the Tesla Model X beat a Lambo in a drag race. All this on Crunch Report. Read More View the full article
  22. Read more... More about Eclipse, Eclipse 2017, Science, and SpaceView the full article
  23. Lonzo Ball says he's appreciative of Jay Z's Big Baller Brand support. the full article
  24. We're still more than a year away from the release of M. Night Shyamalan's Glass, the sequel to both Unbreakable and this year's hit thriller Split, but the first plot synopsis has just been revealed. Here's what we've learned: What's the story? Bringing together Bruce Willis's super-heroic character David Dunn and Samuel L. Jackson's mastermind villain Elijah "Mr. Glass" Price from Unbreakable and James McAvoy's multiple-personality-afflicted killer Keven Wendell Crumb from Split, Shyamalan's fantasy thriller will involve a "kind of epic" clash between the good and evil characters. Here's the official synopsis: Following the conclusion of Split, Glass finds Dunn... Read More View the full article
  25. Google might be gearing up to launch a new "mini" version of its Google Home. The company is working on a new, smaller version of its Google Home speaker that will launch later this year, alongside two new Pixel phones and a new Pixel-branded Chromebook, Android Police reports. SEE ALSO: Google Home will now work with free Spotify accounts The smaller device will reportedly be cheaper than the $129 full-sized Google Home. Though the report didn't specify details about the new speaker, it seems that it would likely to be comparable to Amazon's popular Echo Dot, which allows you to convert your existing speakers into Alexa-enabled devices. Read more... More about Tech, Google, Amazon, Amazon Echo, and Echo Dot View the full article
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